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COVID-19 update and first delivery of gold

COVID-19 update
and first delivery of gold

Gofer Mining plc is pleased to announce that the first ton of gold has been mined and preliminary refined to concentrate ready to be sent to refiners.

The company has been able to weather the COVID-19 pandemic without significant disruption to its operations or performance and in 2020 is expected to meet consistent delivery of last years performance in executing the five year investment plan.

Upon re-opening of PAMP after the lock-down in Switzerland on the 6 of April the first ton of gold concentrate will be delivered to be refined and delivered to clients within the month.

The board envisioned that during the year 2020 the company will be able to deliver 200,000 to 250,000 troy ounces by year end and the company is happy to report that it is on track to meet this target from its operating mines.

Contact Jeff using his profile below for any investor queries and Jenny for any media requests reference the current press release.

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