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Shares of Gofer Mining offered to the British public

Shares of Gofer Mining offered
to the British public

As of today, Gofer Mining plc is a publicly owned business with over 50 thousand new individual British investors. The new shares were listed on the Barclays Exchange.

Gofer Wealth plc a regulated financial wealth manager has acquired a one million stake in Gofer Mining by offering to 50 thousand British citizens and clients a subscription for 20 pounds sterling in Gofer Mining as part of a complex retirement investment plan.

Jacqueline Cook, one of the new investors commented:

“As someone coming from the finance practice space I am excited about investing into an entrepreneurial business in a developing market like Ukraine via a solid investment vehicle kindly prepared by the team at Gofer Wealth that allows to build wealth by investing small amounts at the start to allow to take advantage of the initial increases in the company valuation.”

Among other significant company shareholders is Gofer Corporation itself, the Grosvenor Barclay partnership, Barclays and newly subscribed Grosvenor Mining for 1.5 million shares.

Contact Jeff using his profile below for any investor queries and Jenny for any media requests reference the current press release.

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