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Michail Kolpidis

Chief Financial Officer

United Kingdom

+44 20 808 99262

Michail S. Kolpidis CPFA MPRCA, born September 12, 1991 in Warsaw, Poland, to a family of Greek shipowners is an accountant and financial manager by profession. Michail first started his career in 2005 in the family owned shipping company Sunlight Maritime as an accounting assistant and worked his way up to financial director within a decade.

Over the past 15 years held various finance related roles in banking and information technology. A board member of the Electronic Money Issuer and British Technology Bank. Founder and managing director of the UK based Zapad Banka and Chairman of Gofer Wealth plc that has over 6 bn. sterling of assets under management.

As of 2016 a partner at Smith Barclay LLP, where he consults high net-worth individuals and business leaders on business strategy and finance. Michail is Vice-Chairman of the Alexander Foundation, serves as council secretary of the Athens Council and is a founding member of the Gofer Group. He also holds 5 non-executive directorships, two of which are in public companies.

Computing Technology Industry Association
Public Relations Consultants Association
Polyphasic Sleep Society